søndag den 3. juli 2011

I'm not gonna be blogging for a while since my computer crashed.

I can use my boyfriend's spare computer, but I just don't feel like blogging from it, so till I either get my computer repaired or buy a new one there will be silence... expect from the Twitter part, from where I will communicate.

torsdag den 16. juni 2011

A star in...

the making.
How gorgeously dolled up (yes, new expression) is Elle Fanning in the new Marie Claire?!

I love those gloves!!

She's only 13!!

The transludent hair thingy is so cute.

More pics at marieclaire.com

onsdag den 15. juni 2011

Today I went...

shopping at a mall in another city with a friend, who was on the lookout for new clothes for a special occasion.

Apparently a hogwart made out of wire is the new thing.

This pretty stool was placed in a fitting room - want one!

tirsdag den 14. juni 2011

I live so...

close to the beach yet I rarely take advantage of it.
Today the Boyfriend and I took a drive and a walk out to the new beach boardwalk.

It's a shame that this beach isn't a good swimming destination, cause those floating platforms will inspire lots of fun.

I'm loving the beach volley nets...

... but what takes the icing on the cake is these hammocks!!

Two of my...

guilty pleasure tv-series have started up with new seasons.

Pretty Little Liars is probably intented for teens to watch, but it is pretty darn scary if you ask me. There is intrigues, but not over the top drama as many shows have dived into lately.

The other show is Keeping up with the Kardashians - it started out as a show about Kim Kardashian 'and her family', but now it's pretty clear that Kim is probably the least interesting one of the bunch - atleast in my opinion!

mandag den 13. juni 2011

It's now been...

over a week of sickness for me.
Thank you sister!
Thankfully it's not exactly hot summer weather outside, so it's possible for me to wear scarfs and thick tights without overheating.

Hope my throat will ease up on me, cause I have some trips to a big mall and to my favorite Danish city coming up!

søndag den 12. juni 2011

lørdag den 11. juni 2011

I've had a...

couple of days off, which always calls for nailpolish!
It's been years since I've owned a black one, so had to buy this one from Depend along with two other colors.

This giraffe ring is my newest, and it is so adorable - from Gina Tricot.

fredag den 10. juni 2011

The content of...

yesterday's package... minus two things I'm wearing, which are a basic beige tanktop and a have-to-have-it's-own-post jacket, since it's in a league of it's own jacket!

In the mix are a basic beige t-shirt, a cotton-stretch blue print dress, a chiffon blue party dress, a brown-with-a-gold-plaque bracelet and the lovely dark blue, thin cardi, which will be well worn by the end of this summer!

torsdag den 9. juni 2011

I picked up...

this lil thing today...

... it contained 7 things, but only cost me 600 DKK, since it was all on sale!