mandag den 29. november 2010

The Boyfriend had to...

go downtown to buy some pants and stuff and I went with him. I was unleashed in H&M for 5 minutes and came out with this totebag, which apparently is from the Lanvin-thing, which I didn't realize 'til I came home.

I also bought these lip gloss, because one said Red and the other said Gold on their label, which I assumed would be their actual color or that they would atleast have a hint of red or gold in them. I was dissapointed when I found out that the labels indicated the color of the casing... like you couldn't see which color it was?? Very misguiding!
Then I tried them on and they have an overly sweet smell to them. I know the Boyfriend will refuse to kiss me while wearing them!!
I guess they'll be used as part of a christmas decoration...

Ok, I've now had the lip gloss on for a while and my lips are actually starting to itch...!!!
Not recommendable!!

søndag den 28. november 2010

After a long walk...

in the freezing cold, we headed home for a hot cup of chocolate with whipped cream.
I got this cute christmas cup from my sister last year, and I know it'll be overly used this December. Love the candy cane handle!

Today was also the first day of advent.
We've always received a present from our parents on the four sundays prior to Christmas, and eventhough we're far from kids anymore, we still get them - which is to be enjoyed, cause as soon as they get grandchildren we'll soon be forgotten.
Todays present was the traditional 'scratch-a-square-a-day-and-you-might-win-money'-calender. A very loved thing in our family, although we've never won much. The other thing is the substitute for the ever-so-boring chocolate calender we always got as kids. Such an upgrade: marzipan balls covered with chocolate and a sugar shell. Loves!!

I'm a lil sleepy...

from our walk on the beach today.
They're building some kind of promenade in the richer part of the city, and we took a walk out there today to see how far it had got.

With the snow covering most, it wasn't easy to see the progress, but since it's not slated to be done till 2011, I guess there's no need to rush.
So we went up in the newly made park, where I've only driven by, but never walked, before.
It looked very nice, and I'll definitely be stopping by when spring emerges.

lørdag den 27. november 2010


in a blanket.

Made a batch of these as I'll be home alone all weekend and working mostly.
On such weekends I prefer to have these in the fridge, ready for a quick warm up and then washed down with mustard. Yeah, you read it right - I looove mustard. Right now I'm going thru a Whiskey mustard a friend gave me a while ago, and it is soo good!
(for the too-literate-for-my-own-good reader I have to mention that I don't actually drink the mustard, I just use the phrase 'wash it down' to imply that I eat a whole lot of mustard with the piggies.)

I think the picture...

says it all...

We finally got snow. After hearing everybody else in our tiny country complain, for quite a few days, about the white blanket of snow covering everything, we've experienced a bit of it today.
Now I surely hope that it will continue all day, then I will gladly go out and shovel the sidewalks and courtyard throughout the day.

fredag den 26. november 2010

There are two...

reasons I'm not buying these pretty shoes from H&M:

1. Saving my money for CPH

2. They have a 12cm/4.7in heels.

I wish I could, but I cant.

torsdag den 25. november 2010

A movie I'm...

looking forward to watch is Love and Other Drugs with Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. Here's Jake talking about it on Letterman.

And the trailer.

It has a pinch of sappiness to it, but other than that it seems fun... and sexy.

I got this mail...

about H&M just updating their New In with party clothes and went to check it out.
This red shirt is real pretty, and is a missed color in my closet.

One of the dresses was this one, which looks chic, except from the middle sewline, but it could be covered up with the following belt.

These bracelets would complement the dress too.

I'm not often into the whole 'having a lil indoor jacket over a dress', but this one would probably look great over the...

classic long dress, which was also found in black, but I thought this color to be more interesting.

Overall some good pieces, but I'm saving money for my CPH trip in December, where I might also be able to try these pieces on.

onsdag den 24. november 2010

Are you guys as...

over the Lanvin thing as I am? To tell you the truth I was never really into it in the first place, since I didn't know a thing about Lanvin before H&M brought up the collaboration and then when the collection was unveiled I was not really in awe. Especially not with those prices!
Therefore it gives me great pleasure to find out that the master designer that is Karl Lagerfeld is going to design a collection for Macy's, which is to be sold in September 2011 in 250 stores and online... the sad thing is that Macy's doesn't ship outside the US. (Luckily some of us have connections overthere...)
Read more about the collaboration here:

When going on a...

blog round, I found these shoes at They're Kate shoes from and they have them in black, brown and then this grey. If i buy them it'll be the grey, since I have the H&M version with a lil heel in brown and I have plenty of other shoes and boots in black. They are priced at 259DKK.

I also browsed through their shoe sale, and found these for 99DKK...

It would be a coup to buy 2 pair of shoes for under 400DKK. Still just considering since I'll be going to Copenhagen for s shoppingtrip in early December.

tirsdag den 23. november 2010

One piece of jewelry...

I love is rings.
At they have taken about half off their prices, and although they're still a lil too pricey for my budget I'm considering wether the Boyfriend should stop by this site before buying my present.

...and I just discovered that they don't ship outside the US... bummer.

mandag den 22. november 2010

A long bikeride...

out into the suburbs resulted in these to for the Boyfriend.

He had to get some parts for one of the motorbikes, so we went on a 10km ride to get it (have no idea what the parts was - not good with remembering mc-related stuff...)

On our way home we went by Bilka ( the closest thing to Target in Denmark) and found these sweaters - 2 for 300 DKK.

I'm a big fan of the grandpa-look for guys and the Boyfriend is NOT, so this is the closest thing I'll get to it.

Throughout the years...

I've been a bit of an Award show addict. I've stayed up for most of the night to watch Mtv Music and Movie awardshows, even tried a couple of times to watch Golden Globes, Grammys and the Oscars, but they're usually a bit snoozy when you've been up all day.
Yesterday the American Music Awards was held, and sadly I couldn't find anywhere on tv or online that broadcasted it overhere, so I've been browsing to watch the performances, and here are my faves...

Christina Aguilera has the voice for the stage and when she's not trying to be too outlandish she's very succesful in her performances. This song is from her new movie with Cher 'Burlesque', and she's really bringing us back to her golden years of Lady Marmelade.

Bon Jovi is an old goodie in my book. Been a fan since elementary school, and was very pleased that he played a couple of his old hits.

Pink dancing around the stage in an outfit dedicated to her old self, with a soon-to-be mini-me in her belly is a joy for a fan like me to watch.

The final performance of the night was two of my all time favorite Boybands coming together to show us what we can expect from their upcoming tour together. NKOTBSB is their joint name, and if they can haul their behinds to Europe I'll be there screaming my behind off!!

This awardshow was by far the best of the year. I'm far more into old performers showing their skills than new wannabes trying too hard.
Ofcourse the show also had the Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift for the younger (or just younger-hearted) ones among us.

lørdag den 20. november 2010

Not an interesting day...

but I did get a whole lot of relaxing done .
My outfit for today was a Minnie Mouse shirt from H&M, Cos leggings...

and a grey Vero Moda shirt and cheap blue wellies for taking the trash out and spraying the pavement with salt as it's been snowing a bit. Sadly it's not cold enough for it to stay, but it's better than nothing.

A closeup of the Cos Leggings - they have this weird synthetic fabric down the inner side, which is kinda noisy when you walk, but they'll keep you warm for sure!

Gwyneth Paltrow as an actress...

has never been my cup of tea, but she surprised me on Glee.
I've always viewed her as a prim and proper... and dull... person, so it was refreshing to see her hang a lil loose on Glee

And then I saw her performance on Country Music Awards 2010, where she sang one of the songs from her upcoming movie Country Strong.

This changed my opinion on her a whole lot - although she's still not too appealing to me.

fredag den 19. november 2010

Organisation is...

definitely key!
I've been trying for what feels like an eternity to find some basic boxes for our bookcase in the livingroom, but I always think they are too expensive.
Yesterday I found the almost perfect ones, which made this horrible and embarressing mess...

with only these 9 boxes...

look like this!
The reason I say that it is almost perfect is that I'm not too fond of the metal holes, but they're soooo much better than the clutter that was before!

Now I'm gonna watch the Danish edition of Dancing with the Stars followed by the Danish version of SNL... I know, not much on tv!!

Yesterday I had...

lunch with mom.
We ate at this little artgallery/café, where they have a new artist showing every month. Some are just housewives with too much time on their hands, but others are actual artists with brilliant ideas.
I had the fish plate (for the Danish readers: Stjerneskud) and a cranberry juice.
Ofcourse I didn't take a photo of the food, cause it is just too darn good to not be thrown down at once!

After lunch we browsed through a nearby florist to get some inspiration for our upcoming candle decorations for Christmas
I've been seeing a lot of white/silver decor, which is a welcomed direction away from all the almost neon colors I've seen so far.

torsdag den 18. november 2010

I've had enough...

of waiting till my computer gets fixed. It is just too boring being a non-blogger, so I'm using the Boyfriend's computer. It's not that he hasn't made an effort in making mine work, he's actually been working 2-4 hours on it every other evening, but something just wont cooperate.
Here's what I wore today

T-shirt - Zara, Vest - Zara, Pants - H&M
The shoes are from H&M

Gonna be one badass kid!

tirsdag den 9. november 2010

A heads up

I wont be updating the next couple of days.
The Boyfriend is rebooting my computer and putting Windows XP instead of Vista (cause Vista sucks with games) on it, so it will be quiet in here. Enjoy ;-)

mandag den 8. november 2010

A late Halloween is...

better than no Halloween.
The tasty mandarines became scary... notice the Kanye one in the back...

My Red Queen outfit - a H&M dress, H&M tights and Vagabond shoes.
The genius that is my sister dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld.
Seriously the best Uncle Karl look-a-like I've ever seen!

søndag den 7. november 2010

Stuffing my face with...

a little 'almost homemade pizza', meaning I bought a ready made wholewheat dough.
I slabbed on some tomato paste, pepper/hazelnut paste, yellow pepperbell , pepperoni, a tiny bit of cheese and some dried basil.

It was really needed for my post-halloween party hangovers.
(will post about the party tomorrow)

Tights are welcomed...

now that the cold weather is really taking over.
At Urban Outfitters they've had Anna Sui make them some very graphic and exciting ones.

They can be your for $33

onsdag den 3. november 2010

Another place to...

shop for some interior design objects for Christmas could be Zara.
I have to admit that I'm still just getting used to places like Zara and H&M doing Home.
It is a lil strange...

At Zara I loved that they had the cutest baubles - some that were really classic and some with feathers on. It was also a hit that it wasn't too red/white.

tirsdag den 2. november 2010

A couple of weeks ago...

I received my package from H&M (hmm, can I tallk about anything but that brand?) and in it was also this jacket...

now, I thought it looked stylish and classic, but it is not made for the chubbier bodytype, and I ended up looking like a balloon... so it went back and with the money returned from it I bought something else, which is on it's way to me!

mandag den 1. november 2010

Once a year...

most of us decorate and bake for the big holiday known as Christmas.
Here are my favorite H&M Home Holiday things...