mandag den 29. november 2010

The Boyfriend had to...

go downtown to buy some pants and stuff and I went with him. I was unleashed in H&M for 5 minutes and came out with this totebag, which apparently is from the Lanvin-thing, which I didn't realize 'til I came home.

I also bought these lip gloss, because one said Red and the other said Gold on their label, which I assumed would be their actual color or that they would atleast have a hint of red or gold in them. I was dissapointed when I found out that the labels indicated the color of the casing... like you couldn't see which color it was?? Very misguiding!
Then I tried them on and they have an overly sweet smell to them. I know the Boyfriend will refuse to kiss me while wearing them!!
I guess they'll be used as part of a christmas decoration...

Ok, I've now had the lip gloss on for a while and my lips are actually starting to itch...!!!
Not recommendable!!

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