mandag den 31. januar 2011

I am not...

a fan of New Years Resolutions, since you break them 95% of the time.

I do, however, wanna break some of my bad habits, and I thought that if I pick a couple of them to be eliminated for a month at a time, it would be easier.

This January I picked Magazines.

I wasn't to buy one.

It really is a bad habit for me to buy them, as I usually read them twice at the most, and then they end up in the garbage. The recycling garbage, ofcourse.

I had a period where I would save them for a later date, thinking I could use them as inspiration... did I? Never!

Plus, with all the fabulous blogs popping up I really get all my inspiration from them.

This will save me a couple of hundred DKK a month, and save the invironment!

Win Win!

My other January vice-to-be-terminated or atleast decline was my use of nail polish.

At work it is not allowed, so I would put it on everytime I had more than 12 hours off between workdays.

It really started to take a toll on my nails.

I've never bought expensive brands, since it really wouldn't be worth it for the short period of time I could wear it.

I can now put these two habits to rest.

I know I will still use nail polish, just not as frequent as before.

The Magazines I am done with!

Tomorrow you'll learn about what I'll have to give up in February...

søndag den 30. januar 2011

lørdag den 29. januar 2011

If you can't...

guess my favorite color, maybe this outfit will give you a clue...

cardi skirt tights H&M, shirt Vero Moda
Yes, it is green.

I was in...

the mood for some kind of cake/cookie thing.
I contemplated the whole baking it myself, but reached the decision that
I just couldn't wait that long.
I hit the grocery store and came home and enjoyed this.

Milk being the key drink!

fredag den 28. januar 2011

During a walk...

yesterday I snapped this pic...

That is correct!

A new Sushi place has opened a few blocks from me!

Sooo awesome.

Can't wait to try it out!

torsdag den 27. januar 2011

I have to...

admit that most of today I was in my PJs.
Around 4pm I got dressed.
Day off - Sooo goood!!

necklace dress Cos, cardi Vero Moda, leggings Topshop, socks shoes H&M

One of my favorite necklaces, ofcourse it's from Cos!

I'm not totally sure about this sock over shoes look - what do you think?

I'm starting to...

obsess about rings from Topshop!!
Owls seem to have taken over in ring-world.
This one is part owl, part golfball, part alien...

This cute studious bunny could hang out on my finger anytime!

onsdag den 26. januar 2011

One of the...

most comfortable outfits is often the most boring so here's the only interesting part of today's outfit. The rest is jeans.

scarf Pieces, necklace Urban Outfitters, shirt Cos, cardi Topshop

mandag den 24. januar 2011

I've not been...

too excited about H&M's Home pieces since they got launched, so I was surprised when I saw what they've come up with for Spring 2011.

I'm happy to say that it isn't as over-the-top girly or farmer-ish as was my impression of their previous items. There are some nice graphics and grey-ish tones, which is, by far, the easiest way to update a home, which includes a man.
I'm hoping the bedspread top left corner doesn't sell out too quickly!
Want it!!

I'm an addict...

when it comes to tights.
I do have mostly black, brown and grey ones, so when I saw these beige and light blue ones in H&M I had to have them!!

On these pictures the light blue is represented a lil better than in real life.
The blueness of them depends on the lighting situation around you, cause yesterday evening in the livingroom, you could not see that they were blue! Other than that I think both pair will be worn out by the end of February! Love them!

søndag den 23. januar 2011

New York by Edward Rutherfurd

A book that big usually goes in one of two directions; boooooring or intriguing!
This book went down the middle path.
It covers the history of the larger than life city, New York, in a mere 350 pages, giving some periods more space than others.

It was never too slow or overly dramatic, but it told the story of the people of New York without telling too much.
When I bought it, I didn't really know what to expect. Maybe that it would be
a little too historic, but it wasn't. it kinda left me with the feeling that I had been reading about
real people, but not in the 'reality'-world sense we know from tv!

lørdag den 22. januar 2011

What I...

am wearing for a date night with the Boyfriend.

dress tights H&M, cardi Zara, top Paprika

torsdag den 20. januar 2011

I did my...

aunt a favor and got this cute owl in return.

The pictures are taken with and without the flash on the same shirt - really makes a difference!

I've spent the...

past two days at my sister's.
She's moved to one of the bigger cities in DK, and I always loove visiting her.
Partly because of the restaurants being sooo much better than the ones we have at home.
We bought a couple of raspberry mousse cakes at a bakery.
Sooo good.

Ofcourse we had to get some sushi.

I love sushi... well for the most part I do, cause sometimes I make it too often.
Yeah, you have to make it yourself when you live in the city I live it, cause so far there are no real good sushi places!

mandag den 17. januar 2011

While the ladies were...

a bore, the men always go with their safe choice - the suit/tux/jacketandtie...

Ryan Gosling and Jake Gyllenhaal - swoon!!

I'm a fan of the older men!!
Especially Johnny and Robert who tend to switch it up at these events, but both kept
it quite on the down low yesterday.

Colin Firth

The youngsters... My brother-in-law to-be and the illicit lover - who's who?

Jesse Eisenberg and Robert (do I need to type in his last name? I think not.)

Now this last man always looks like he's flying high.

James Franco


I just spent some time going thru red carpet pictures from last night's Golden Globe.
Wow, that was a snoozefest!!!
Sooooooo many safe choices!!
So I wanna thank these two women for keeping my eyes open!

Tilda Swinton

Helena Bonham Carter
(I love the girl in the back who realizes Helena is wearing two different colored shoes!)

søndag den 16. januar 2011

Got the most...

anticipated check of the year in the mail a few days ago.
It really should be a higher amount, since I only swipe my H&M card half the times I shop there.

Will most likely be spent on a dress.

lørdag den 15. januar 2011

I was browsing...

H&M's New In and saw these dresses.
First I thought what a shame they only come in black/white, but then I thought about the content of my closet and realized that it is missing a colorless dress... or two.

The first two are in Polyester - not so good - but the third (showing front and back) is soft Jersey.
Will be on the lookout for these next time shopping.

torsdag den 13. januar 2011

I walked by...

this furry little friend the other day.

He told me everything's gonna be all right.

onsdag den 12. januar 2011

There's a first...

for everything, and today is my first Outfit outside!
Wild, huh?
The Boyfriend made up for yesterday and took me to lunch before he went to work today.

dress Cos, bag St. Sulpice, cape/jacket Vero Moda, bag tights gloves shoes H&M

I didn't wear what I had planned wearing yesterday, since yesterday's look was a lil too evening for a lunch date.

tirsdag den 11. januar 2011

The Boyfriend got this...

gift certificate to a restaurant as a christmas present, and we were gonna go there tonight.
I was halfway getting all prettied up when he called and said he'd have to work late.
So this is half of my outfit - all you're getting, cause I only got halfway dressed before he called.

shoes and tights H&M

mandag den 10. januar 2011

I'm not ready...

to buy any Spring clothes yet - not financially or mentally.
I have taken these three pieces into my Wishlist on H&M, though.

søndag den 9. januar 2011

I've been...

following The Sartorialist for a few years, getting inspiration and just looking at all the fun styles from around the world.
Here's the genius himself...

I've not been...

impressed or very tempted by this years sale, but two things have found their way into my closet.
This bag from St. Sulpice, which is my favorite brand next to Belsac, was 70% off, which is hard to just walk by!
It is kinda hard to photograph, though.
The color vary very much wether you're indoor or out, hence the two different nuances on the pics.

This top is from Vero Moda and I've been eyeing it for a while but couldn't decide wether the motif was too much of a rip off of Miu Miu's birds...

but then I thought that this shirt would not be preventing me from buying the original - the pricetag of the original would!

torsdag den 6. januar 2011

One designer I've...

kept my eye on for a number of years is Betsey Johnson.
She doesn't really follow any other rules than Have Fun.

This dress was worn by Katy Perry at the People's Choice Awards just yesterday.

mandag den 3. januar 2011

I nearly forgot...

to show you one of my Christmas presents, cause I started wearing them the next day.
These wool socks from H&M...

and these wool gloves.

I really like the Icelandic graphic.
They weren't forgotten, just already in use.

søndag den 2. januar 2011

I did forget...

to take a proper picture of my NYE outfit, so this is what you'll have to settle with.

H&M dress and COS necklace