mandag den 30. august 2010

Where there's stars...

there's usually glamour, and so there was last night.
Overall I think they ladies did very well in choosing
pretty dresses.
My three faves were Kyra Sedgewick (married to Kevin Bacon), Jewel and Heidi Klum.
I'm wondering wether Heidi's dress was originally a long one, but then she had it cut short to show off her fabulous legs...?

I also really liked Eva Longoria and Claire Danes' dresses.
Needless to say that Claire went with my Armani Privé dress in one tone.

Can't wait to watch the show and see what a great job Jimmy Fallon did.

søndag den 29. august 2010

So tonight is...

the night of the Emmys and I've been browsing for my fantasy Emmy dress...
Stella Mccartney

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Armani Privé

The three choices: The Stella for the red carpet, Marc for my presenting and the Armani for when I win my own award.

Can't wait to see what the celebs wore.

lørdag den 28. august 2010

Came home from work to...

find a Monki Magazine on our coffee table. Well, if that's not a reason to do a blogpost I dunno what is.
I'm not a huge fan of their clothes and have only recently bought an item in one of their many stores, eventhough I've entered several of them.
I find the clothes a bit too 80's and teen appealing, and the mag was definitely very teenage!
Not that it would keep me from keeping it out of the trash bin for 10 min another time. There is something quite entertaining about going into your 13 year old self or just reminizing about your own first love, kiss and other firsts...
One thing I really did like was
how they made illustrations of their

fredag den 13. august 2010

When it comes...

down to it, the SS11 season will not be innovative and inspiring. So far it just resembles what we've been walking around in this summer.
Out of the shows that showed yesterday I was expecting something from Stine Goya, but darn she got caught up in the flower-child thing! I couldn't concentrate on the clothes when the models had their heads wrapped in flowers.

Margit Brandt is often the name that shows on the neck tag when I'm out shopping for coats or fancier clothes... not that I end up buying it, cause the next thing I look at is the price, and I'm not ok with laying down so much money for something I'll use for one or two seasons.

Her SS11 line is cute, elegant and simple. Nothing new and exciting.

torsdag den 12. august 2010

And the celeb sightings begin...

well, when we're talking about Danish celebs it's not too interesting.

These are a few of the people who've showed up to the CPH Fashion week so far

Everybody know who everybody is, right?
I'm not good with Danish celebs at all, but I do know all of these, so everybody else should too - if you're Danish.
Pictures taken from MSN Starlounge

I'm not one to...

go out and spend thousands on a dress or a bag, as many of the victims of fashion, but I do follow the various fashion weeks, to get inspiration for my own wardrobe. There are always a few designers who get my attention year after year, and then there are the pleasant surprises you stumble upon.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with the Danish duo Munthe Plus Simonsen.

Their design esthetic is not equal to what I find innovative and riveting, but sometimes they throw something out there that really catches my eye - in a positive way.

Now Karen Simonsen of the duo has started her own line called Karen by Simonsen, and I had some faves among her FW10 line

Notice how they both have knitted elements - I'm a knit-aholic!
I was not a fan of her SS11 line.
It just didn't bring anything new into the mix, and I really loathed the continuous black sandals (yeah, some of them were grey), and when they were made even more depressing with the black socks I just forgot about it being a SpringSummer line.

tirsdag den 10. august 2010

Cleaning is not my strong side...

which is why it is AWESOME to have a sister like mine.
Today I was sitting by my computer, having some coffee, when it occurs to me that my sister has been away from her Mac for more than 5 minutes - uh oh, something's up!
I get up (actually bringing some dirty cups from the livingroom to the kitchen) when I see her standing in the corner of my bedroom - you know, behind the ironing table, the stack of books and the imbarressing pile of mixed dirty and clean clothes - and when I look down I can actually see more than 10% of my floor!! What the... she had a cleaning fest going on. I tried to put on my 'ok, I'll help you, now that you're already in the deep end of the pool´-face, but she was not having it. She sent me out of the room and finished it up - dust free and vacuumed (is that a word?), and then she made me go through my clothes and we ended up giving 2 full black bags away to the Red Cross - wow - and my closet is not even close to being empty!
Now it just has more space for all the clothes I'll be buying in Hamburg and London in a few weeks time!
Thank you Sis!

mandag den 9. august 2010

Excess groceryshopping...

almost always happens to me.

90% of the times I go grocery shopping, I make a list over what to buy, but 95% of the times I end up coming home with more than what was on that list.

As today...
What I had on my list

What, miraculously by own forces, crept into the shopping basket

Well, the meat was cheap and provides dinner for the next few days, so that's ok!

And the avocados need to ripen - my excuse.

lørdag den 7. august 2010

When I look around...

on all the different blogs I follow, I see a trend happening: not blogging for a few days.

Did the inspiration leave us or are we enjoying the summer? Hoping for the latter!

So a few weeks ago I went to CPH for a concert, and I got some shopping done before venturing out to the stadium. I'm really big on t-shirts with different kinds of print on them, so I had to have these with Minnie Mouse

onsdag den 4. august 2010

Life happens...

and when the real life gets too busy I'm gonna be neglecting my blog.
My sister came home for the week, which is gonna be my main reason for abandoning blog-life, cause I really don't wanna be concentrating on this when she's around. We went to the movies twice. First was for Inception which has Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (or Gordon as we call him), Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard.
The whole dreamingpart and the special effects were very intriguing, but the storyline itself lacked substance, and often I found myself wondering what their mission was, cause you'd be so caught up in the 'creation of a dream'-part - or maybe I should watch it a couple more times before I get the essence...
Movie no. 2 was Eclipse... yeah... I dunno... I've watched the two first ones with my sister on DVD, and they were very much lacking substance, and it is sooo much about that vast teenage love, but in the third one you get a little more of their history, and ofcourse there's Jacob. I'm definitely Team Jacob!