torsdag den 12. august 2010

I'm not one to...

go out and spend thousands on a dress or a bag, as many of the victims of fashion, but I do follow the various fashion weeks, to get inspiration for my own wardrobe. There are always a few designers who get my attention year after year, and then there are the pleasant surprises you stumble upon.

I've always had a love/hate relationship with the Danish duo Munthe Plus Simonsen.

Their design esthetic is not equal to what I find innovative and riveting, but sometimes they throw something out there that really catches my eye - in a positive way.

Now Karen Simonsen of the duo has started her own line called Karen by Simonsen, and I had some faves among her FW10 line

Notice how they both have knitted elements - I'm a knit-aholic!
I was not a fan of her SS11 line.
It just didn't bring anything new into the mix, and I really loathed the continuous black sandals (yeah, some of them were grey), and when they were made even more depressing with the black socks I just forgot about it being a SpringSummer line.

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