onsdag den 22. september 2010

This reminds me of...

the good old days when we were all little boyband crazies... oh yeah, and I love how much of a Brokeback feel it has.

Robbie & Gary - Shame

søndag den 19. september 2010

There are women...

and then there are the men who want to tear the women apart!
In Denmark, the past few months, everyone's eyes have been set on Helle Thorning. And the man (but that's not important, cause it is the woman we want to tear apart right now!) He lives and spends his weekdays in another country than DK, which by law, does not make him a tax paying man in DK - Oh Shit!! How can he possibly be located in two countries at the same time - it's like it's never happened before! I'm sorry, but how does fashion Designer Margit Brandt, Fashion Photographer/model Helena Christensen and Soccer LEGEND Michael Laudrup live in Mallorca/USA (no Mallorca is not located in the USA!!) without going through these official tribulations?!?
Oh... thinnking pause required... meltdown... (I'm a woman for God's sake, don't make me thinnnk these deep thoughts...)
the Impire is in you're hands - whatcha gonna do about it?

torsdag den 16. september 2010

I was browsing through...

Topshop.com and found some funky dresses - not at all my taste, but for the one who dares I thought they were fun.

For two bottom ones one the left, they even made matching jackets a shoes.

torsdag den 9. september 2010

Look what I just...

Season 1&2 of The Tudors.
They keep the show on rerun on tv, but I never seem to catch half the episodes, and I don't think I've ever seen the first and the last one. So when I saw I could get both seasons for 300 DKK, I had to have them - though, I'm quite sure they'll mysteriously disappear when my sister goes home after the weekend.

onsdag den 8. september 2010

I have no strength...

to do anything beside sleep.
I'm ill, and every bit of endurance or concentration has left me. I've gone to bed 3 times to read a little and woken up 2 hours later. My nose is running and my skin under it is RED and hurting from blowing it. All I'm drinking is tea and water. I tried some coffee to mix it up, but when I couldn't taste it, I couldn't see the point in drinking it.
My boyfriend bought me a new plant.
I'm not a fan of flowers, cause I have a tendency to kill them quite quickly.

And a huge bottle of wine - might get opened this weekend if I'm feeling better.

They're showeing Reign Over Me on the tv in a bit.
Always interesting to see if Adam Sandler can pull off a serious role like that, and it has Don Cheadle and the Lovely Liv Tyler in it, so it can't be too bad. Plus, it's somewhat about 9/11 which is the tragedy of all time that I'm most intrigued about.

tirsdag den 7. september 2010

Now this is how you...

celebrate a goal!

Denmark is playing against Iceland tonight and I thought I'd show you how the funny northern dudes celebrate a goal. First there's the 'fisherman', and then there's the 'toilet' and lastly the 'bike'. I've only posted the fisherman, but you can find the others on YouTube.

fredag den 3. september 2010

I wont buy anything...

is what I often tell myself when I go window shopping, and today was no exception. I had no plans of buying anything, but then you see something you actually need. Today the culprit was nailpolish remover, which I've run out of and which I actually do need, since I'm wearing nail polish right now (a blue metallic one) and I'm not allowed to wear nailpolish at work! I know, sucks!! Then the bodycreme with a hint of bronzer in it is much more healthy than going in a tanning bed, and the hairmasque (too tired to even look the correct word up) will save my hair from getting the moisture sucked right out of it during the upcoming colder months.

I've been looking at this coffee with Orange for a few years and today I finally bought it (so I've kinda been saving those money for those years, right...?) Can't wait to taste it!

I had a refund thiingy (yeah, my English is rockingly good) to Bahne and found this wonderful sweater (cause I need more knit...)

I also found a pair of Sneaky Fox over-the-kneee socks which were impossible to get a good shot at, so here's the link to the sock on the website... it's the one on the left.

onsdag den 1. september 2010

Today I've been...

Started out with our bedroom, which my sister did for me a few weeks ago, but ofcourse some clutter had magically reappeared, and I had to get the situation under control before it would end up as messy as usual. Then I removed everything from our back balcony and washed the floor out there - gonna be really sad when the next rain comes cause it'll look dirty again. I proceeded to wash the staircase in the building, and now I'll be relaxing for the rest of the day!