onsdag den 8. september 2010

I have no strength...

to do anything beside sleep.
I'm ill, and every bit of endurance or concentration has left me. I've gone to bed 3 times to read a little and woken up 2 hours later. My nose is running and my skin under it is RED and hurting from blowing it. All I'm drinking is tea and water. I tried some coffee to mix it up, but when I couldn't taste it, I couldn't see the point in drinking it.
My boyfriend bought me a new plant.
I'm not a fan of flowers, cause I have a tendency to kill them quite quickly.

And a huge bottle of wine - might get opened this weekend if I'm feeling better.

They're showeing Reign Over Me on the tv in a bit.
Always interesting to see if Adam Sandler can pull off a serious role like that, and it has Don Cheadle and the Lovely Liv Tyler in it, so it can't be too bad. Plus, it's somewhat about 9/11 which is the tragedy of all time that I'm most intrigued about.

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