søndag den 19. september 2010

There are women...

and then there are the men who want to tear the women apart!
In Denmark, the past few months, everyone's eyes have been set on Helle Thorning. And the man (but that's not important, cause it is the woman we want to tear apart right now!) He lives and spends his weekdays in another country than DK, which by law, does not make him a tax paying man in DK - Oh Shit!! How can he possibly be located in two countries at the same time - it's like it's never happened before! I'm sorry, but how does fashion Designer Margit Brandt, Fashion Photographer/model Helena Christensen and Soccer LEGEND Michael Laudrup live in Mallorca/USA (no Mallorca is not located in the USA!!) without going through these official tribulations?!?
Oh... thinnking pause required... meltdown... (I'm a woman for God's sake, don't make me thinnnk these deep thoughts...)
the Impire is in you're hands - whatcha gonna do about it?

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