fredag den 3. september 2010

I wont buy anything...

is what I often tell myself when I go window shopping, and today was no exception. I had no plans of buying anything, but then you see something you actually need. Today the culprit was nailpolish remover, which I've run out of and which I actually do need, since I'm wearing nail polish right now (a blue metallic one) and I'm not allowed to wear nailpolish at work! I know, sucks!! Then the bodycreme with a hint of bronzer in it is much more healthy than going in a tanning bed, and the hairmasque (too tired to even look the correct word up) will save my hair from getting the moisture sucked right out of it during the upcoming colder months.

I've been looking at this coffee with Orange for a few years and today I finally bought it (so I've kinda been saving those money for those years, right...?) Can't wait to taste it!

I had a refund thiingy (yeah, my English is rockingly good) to Bahne and found this wonderful sweater (cause I need more knit...)

I also found a pair of Sneaky Fox over-the-kneee socks which were impossible to get a good shot at, so here's the link to the sock on the website... it's the one on the left.

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