tirsdag den 10. august 2010

Cleaning is not my strong side...

which is why it is AWESOME to have a sister like mine.
Today I was sitting by my computer, having some coffee, when it occurs to me that my sister has been away from her Mac for more than 5 minutes - uh oh, something's up!
I get up (actually bringing some dirty cups from the livingroom to the kitchen) when I see her standing in the corner of my bedroom - you know, behind the ironing table, the stack of books and the imbarressing pile of mixed dirty and clean clothes - and when I look down I can actually see more than 10% of my floor!! What the... she had a cleaning fest going on. I tried to put on my 'ok, I'll help you, now that you're already in the deep end of the pool´-face, but she was not having it. She sent me out of the room and finished it up - dust free and vacuumed (is that a word?), and then she made me go through my clothes and we ended up giving 2 full black bags away to the Red Cross - wow - and my closet is not even close to being empty!
Now it just has more space for all the clothes I'll be buying in Hamburg and London in a few weeks time!
Thank you Sis!

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