onsdag den 4. august 2010

Life happens...

and when the real life gets too busy I'm gonna be neglecting my blog.
My sister came home for the week, which is gonna be my main reason for abandoning blog-life, cause I really don't wanna be concentrating on this when she's around. We went to the movies twice. First was for Inception which has Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt (or Gordon as we call him), Ellen Page and Marion Cotillard.
The whole dreamingpart and the special effects were very intriguing, but the storyline itself lacked substance, and often I found myself wondering what their mission was, cause you'd be so caught up in the 'creation of a dream'-part - or maybe I should watch it a couple more times before I get the essence...
Movie no. 2 was Eclipse... yeah... I dunno... I've watched the two first ones with my sister on DVD, and they were very much lacking substance, and it is sooo much about that vast teenage love, but in the third one you get a little more of their history, and ofcourse there's Jacob. I'm definitely Team Jacob!

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