mandag den 31. januar 2011

I am not...

a fan of New Years Resolutions, since you break them 95% of the time.

I do, however, wanna break some of my bad habits, and I thought that if I pick a couple of them to be eliminated for a month at a time, it would be easier.

This January I picked Magazines.

I wasn't to buy one.

It really is a bad habit for me to buy them, as I usually read them twice at the most, and then they end up in the garbage. The recycling garbage, ofcourse.

I had a period where I would save them for a later date, thinking I could use them as inspiration... did I? Never!

Plus, with all the fabulous blogs popping up I really get all my inspiration from them.

This will save me a couple of hundred DKK a month, and save the invironment!

Win Win!

My other January vice-to-be-terminated or atleast decline was my use of nail polish.

At work it is not allowed, so I would put it on everytime I had more than 12 hours off between workdays.

It really started to take a toll on my nails.

I've never bought expensive brands, since it really wouldn't be worth it for the short period of time I could wear it.

I can now put these two habits to rest.

I know I will still use nail polish, just not as frequent as before.

The Magazines I am done with!

Tomorrow you'll learn about what I'll have to give up in February...

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