mandag den 22. november 2010

Throughout the years...

I've been a bit of an Award show addict. I've stayed up for most of the night to watch Mtv Music and Movie awardshows, even tried a couple of times to watch Golden Globes, Grammys and the Oscars, but they're usually a bit snoozy when you've been up all day.
Yesterday the American Music Awards was held, and sadly I couldn't find anywhere on tv or online that broadcasted it overhere, so I've been browsing to watch the performances, and here are my faves...

Christina Aguilera has the voice for the stage and when she's not trying to be too outlandish she's very succesful in her performances. This song is from her new movie with Cher 'Burlesque', and she's really bringing us back to her golden years of Lady Marmelade.

Bon Jovi is an old goodie in my book. Been a fan since elementary school, and was very pleased that he played a couple of his old hits.

Pink dancing around the stage in an outfit dedicated to her old self, with a soon-to-be mini-me in her belly is a joy for a fan like me to watch.

The final performance of the night was two of my all time favorite Boybands coming together to show us what we can expect from their upcoming tour together. NKOTBSB is their joint name, and if they can haul their behinds to Europe I'll be there screaming my behind off!!

This awardshow was by far the best of the year. I'm far more into old performers showing their skills than new wannabes trying too hard.
Ofcourse the show also had the Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift for the younger (or just younger-hearted) ones among us.

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