søndag den 28. november 2010

After a long walk...

in the freezing cold, we headed home for a hot cup of chocolate with whipped cream.
I got this cute christmas cup from my sister last year, and I know it'll be overly used this December. Love the candy cane handle!

Today was also the first day of advent.
We've always received a present from our parents on the four sundays prior to Christmas, and eventhough we're far from kids anymore, we still get them - which is to be enjoyed, cause as soon as they get grandchildren we'll soon be forgotten.
Todays present was the traditional 'scratch-a-square-a-day-and-you-might-win-money'-calender. A very loved thing in our family, although we've never won much. The other thing is the substitute for the ever-so-boring chocolate calender we always got as kids. Such an upgrade: marzipan balls covered with chocolate and a sugar shell. Loves!!

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  1. Hmm...Starbucks! Det får mig til at længtes efter London! ;-D

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