tirsdag den 20. juli 2010

I've not always been...

a fan of wine, although my parents taught my sister and I to drink it by mixing it with orange soda when we were in our late teen years - highly recommendable if you're like my friend who doesn't like the sour taste of most wines. My boyfriend started working in the wine section of his old work place, and therefore had to have some knowledge about how each or atleast most of them tasted, so he started to bring different ones home. Now we have a whole shelve with a few bottle of our favorites.

Yesterday, at dinner, we were to share a bottle of rosé wine, but I ended up drinking most of it. When it comes to Rosé I can really enjoy it a lot more then the heavy ordinary red wine, and I especially love that rosé wines are to be cooled before enjoyed.

This is one of my favorite rosé wines

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