lørdag den 12. marts 2011

Am I really...

the only one in blogland, who's bothered by the fact that H&M's Inclusive range was a lot less everyday-wear than expected?
I know they'd didn't actually lead us on, since they showed us the three first dresses in the pic below as a teaser, but since it's called Inclusive - and not Party Girl Inclusive - I expected there to be some daily basic stuff too.

The three first dresses are either no-shoulders or one-shoulder, which can give the bigger girls a problem when it comes to the bra-wearing. They could have solved that problem by offering a bra, which could be worn without straps or alternative strap-solutions, but they chose to only offer a bra with the biggest cup size being D... I'm very dissapointed!
And by the looks of the lack of sold-out signs online, I can only assume I'm not alone with the feeling!

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