torsdag den 3. marts 2011

I'm a fan...

of the Danish tvprogram 'Do you know the type?' ('kender du typen'), where two lifestyle experts are guided around a somewhat famous person's home, and with hints and facts here and there they have to guess who's living there.

The female of this duo is a very petite and quite stylish girl (or atleast that's how the show's stylist portrays her), but the other day she wore this giant blue hat... why??
No, really, why??
It kinda resembles the British police hats, and it is way too big for het petite figure!!
I get that it was raining and they wanted to spare her hair from getting wet, but an umbrella would have done the job - and not made her look so foolishly tiny.

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  1. Synes slet ikke hatten passe til, den går slet ikke med kjolen. Du har ret i den faktisk er dybt kikset at sætte til.
    Det må være en ommer for hende :-)