lørdag den 25. december 2010

Yesterday really confirmed...

my love for books as the majority of the presents I received were books.
It's not a pasttime of mine I've expressed too much in here, but most people who know me wouldn't be too surprised. What they would have found a lil surprising was the lack of clothes being unwrapped, but this year was all about the books.

The bag is from Urban Outfitters and it was sooo difficult to choose which one to get, cause they have sooo many pretty ones right now. The item from Bodyshop is their new line Rainforest, which is without silicones, colourants and parabens. The chocolate Moose was my mother's win in the almond-present... a Danish tradition... wiki it if you're confused... ok, I'll do it for you..."An almond present (Danish: mandelgave, Norwegian: mandelgåva or mandelgave, Icelandic: möndlugjöf, Swedish: mandelgåva) is a small present traditionally given in some Nordic countries to the person who gets the whole almond put in the rice pudding served for Christmas.

The tradition may originate from the somewhat similar king cake tradition on Epiphany, observed in e.g. France."

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