søndag den 3. april 2011

I'm not normally...

a fan of Miley Cyrus - wether we talk music, films, tv-shows or fashion of hers - but this dress I really like. It covers what needs covered and it is neither too young nor too old.

Most poeple know who she is, right?

Well, now they do, I don't think most Danes knew who she was merely 6 months ago, but she's spreading her wings over so many different media outlets and front cover stories (for good or for worse) that people probably recognize either the name or the face.

Usually she dresses like a confused teenager - as expected - but this dress is gonna put her up a few notches in my style-book.

Another Disney-starlet Selena Gomez is probably not as well-known yet, but in my opinion has much better potential - work wise as well as fashion wise. She dresses age appropriately and haven't had any negative cover stories so far. Source

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