lørdag den 9. april 2011

I've just been ...

out grocery shopping, but before I took a lil walk to find a place to place my camera for a picture, as it is such nice weather outside.

I find one of those grey electrical boxes and decides that it will have to do for now.

I take a few shots and walk to the store.

I get about 20m from the location and a dude behind me starts yelling - as he continues I stop and walk back, thinking I must have forgotten something... then he accuses me of graffiti painting something on the building.

What? I can't help smiling a lil and calmly explains him that Ive just used the box to place my camera on to take a few pics. Besides I don't have anything on me that could make graffiti and even if I did I wouldn't know how to!

He then says that that wouldn't hold up in court and walks away.

boots leggings skirt H&M, jacket H&M Trend, scarf Pieces, bag Gina Tricot

So this is how a graffiti-artist looks like apparently. Now that I'm home and have settled down I'm quite angry at that dude. He was approximately 30-33 (only a few years older than me) and living in this country's 5th biggest city - did he really just accuse me of doing something illegal based on my colorful jacket? At first I thought that I was never going back there to take pics again, but heck no, I'm going back. I haven't done anything remotely illegal.

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